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Congratulations on your engagement! Wedding planning is so much fun but it can sometimes be overwhelming, but don't worry! I can help you along the way! Bokeh Love Photography is a full service photography business. We believe in tangible products, whether they are museum framed prints, hand crafted artisan metal prints, heirloom lockets, or a set of matted prints in a legacy box. We believe in holding images and not just keeping them on a USB, and understand the need to keep your legacy alive and preserved in a beautiful fashion. We are here to guide you through that process, and help you with every decision, no matter how big or small.

wedding collections:

Not only do you get a photographer when you hire BLP, you also get a friend who you can talk to and ask for wedding advice. Having photographed many weddings since 2013, we live and breath weddings and can help with the planning process. We know what needs to be done on wedding day, and include a timeline for your day so we all know the plan! In addition to the timeline, I have a list of my absolute favorite vendors that I have actually worked with and I believe are the top in the industry. 

You can see them here: Favorite Vendors!

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Offering 8-10 hours coverage with 2 photographers and all of your digital images in an online gallery! To reserve your day and book your wedding, 30% of your collection total is due at time of contract signing, and the rest is not due until 30 days prior to your wedding day. We can also set up convenient online payments leading up to your big day as well.

10 Hours of Coverage
2 Photographers
Online Gallery
with Digital Images
Engagement Session
10" Wedding Album





Up to 10 Hours of Coverage
2 Photographers
Online Gallery
with Digital Images
Engagement Session




8 Hours of Coverage
2 Photographers
Online Gallery
with Digital Images



4 Hours of Coverage
Online Gallery with fully edited digital images




(for weddings with 35 guests or less)


Every wedding has its own style, every bride has her favorite color, and every album from Bokeh Love Photography can be tailor-made to fit. Mix and match the cover materials, color, page thickness, and paper finish to your delight. Each book is a unique, hand-crafted labor of love that will remind your clients of the emotions and beauty of their wedding for generations to come.


We use only 100% natural, Italian leathers selected for their grains, texture, strength, durability, and quality. We have a line of distressed leathers, which enchant with their rugged, natural beauty; and a line of rich, simple colors that are sure to impress. No matter which line you choose, your cover will be soft to the touch with the smell of luxury.


Linen is a light, textured, animal-friendly option for covering your album that highlights the true hand-made, artisan nature of our books. The layered weaves are a delight to the fingers, while the colors are a feast for the eyes.

Linen :

There’s the cuter-than-kittens Little Album, at a purse-friendly 4x4 inches. The 8x8s are very popular as parent books. The 10x10 is perfect for a wedding album, not too big, and not too small. For maximum impact, the 12x12, with stunning 24x12-inch prints will feature your images spectacularly.


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Q: How many images do you shoot, and do we get them all? 
A. Depending on how many hours we are there there could be upwards to 4,000 images. They are carefully culled down, to remove blinking, test shots, blurry images, duplicates, etc. Your gallery will be full of perfectly curated images organized in folders for your convenience. 

Q: Have you shot at our venue?
A. While we have photographed at many different locations, there is a good possibility that we have not. That doesn't mean you won't get amazing images. Leading up to your day we do heavy research to make sure we know all of the amazing spots. We may even arrive early to take a look around! 

Q. Who will be our photographer? 
A. That would be me, Lauren! I will always be the primary photographer and the 2nd photographer will always be one of the many professional photographers that I trust to do exactly what I do. They all own their own photography businesses and have photographed hundreds of weddings. 

Q: What is your style of photography?
A. While there are many styles out there in the world of photography, I like to think that I am assisted photo-jounalistic. I know, that's not even a thing is it? Well, what I think that means is that I like to let the day unfold as it goes, however if I see a piece of trash, I pick it up. I don't want to document your day in a way where you will see things you didn't see on wedding day. Also, if during portraits something seems off, I will direct you to move your arm, or get a little closer. 

Q. May I see a full gallery? 
A. Yes, of course! Just send me an email and I can send it over right away! It's important that you see what we do on a full day from start to finish. 

Q. What if we run out of sunshine? 
A. I come prepared with lighting because you never know what kind of lighting situation we will run into. If your venue is dark, and we run out of daylight, I have that situation covered and we can still have beautiful images. I also love to capture the ambient lighting of a reception, so I will not over light the place up with bright bright flashes. 

Q. What if I have a zit on wedding day? Will you edit that? 
A. Within reason. For your portraits, I will gently touch up things that won't be there in 2 weeks. So, if there is one or two pesky zits - you won't even know that it's  there. Anything other than that, will require a post production fee, as these things do take a while to touch up. 

Q. Will you break up the wedding day coverage if we have downtime or drive time? 
A. No, our timeline coverage is consecutive. We will be there from when we arrive to when we leave, so that time will be covered in the cost you pay for your collection pricing. 

Q. If we want you to stay additional hours, will you stay?
A. Yes, of course. We only book one wedding/event per day so we can stay but you will need to agree to pay the hourly cost to stay over. We can bill you, or you can pay that balance the night of. 

Q. We have an engagement session in our collection, when do we schedule that?
A. As soon as possible, and on a weekday. Weekends are reserved for weddings. 

Q. Where should we schedule our engagement session?
A. I always say, you should select a location that is special to the two of you. If you don't have anywhere in mind, I have locations I can suggest. 

Q. We want a larger wedding album. Can we add more images?
A. Yes, you can add more images to your album for a small fee per additional images. We include 60 images to start and you can build from there. 

Q. Are there any album upgrades to covers?
A. Yes, there are a few options you can choose from and we will be more than happy to discuss those options with you. To give you an idea, you can have a metal or acrylic cover, leather, linen, or even suede. We also offer engraving, debossing, and even heirloom boxes to keep your album in. 

Q. Do I have the copywrite with my digitals? 
A. You have the right to print your images for personal use. The artist (that would be me) retains the copywrite, as my signature of creation. You can not sell the images for profit, or publish your images without the written consent of Bokeh Love Photography. This is standard across the industry. 

Q. Do you have insurance? 
A. Yes, I have a one million dollar liability insurance policy. If your venue requires proof of coverage, please ask for it at least one month before your date so I can be sure to have a copy for them. 

Q. Do you use more than one camera? 
A. Yes, actually both myself and my second photographer use two cameras and each camera has 2 memory cards. Each card is being written at the same time so we have backups of your images. 

Q. How do you backup the images?
A. As I said on the previous question, we shoot on two cards each so we instantly have a backup. During the event, those cards are then backed up to my portable hard drive. When I get back to my computer, those files are then backed up on an additional hard drive. Once your images are all done, they are uploaded to the online gallery where they will be  archived. 

Q. What happens if I lose my images? 
A. If you lose your images, you can contact us and we can unarchive them for you for an additional low fee. 

Q. How do I book you? 
A. You would let us know, and then a 30% retainer is due to hold your date, a contract must be signed and you're good to go! Let the planning begin! 


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*NJ Sales Tax will be added to all sessions, collections and product orders. 
We offer a Military & Service Discount to anyone who has served or is currently serving. Please let us know this before booking to get your code!