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Destination Weddings

Traveling is in our blood. Traveling to document a love story is in our heart. We would be honored to be invited along to capture each moment and help tell your story. From the time you say I do, to the very last kiss goodnight, we will be by your side to help turn the most amazing memories into beautiful heirlooms that you will cherish forever and pass down to your future generations!

Taking a wedding photographer with you on your destination wedding is a very tough decision. I'm sure you have many reasons why you've decided to look into taking a photographer with you, but I am going to share some insight as to why it is important. 

1. You will be able to to meet with your photographer before you depart for your destination. This is important because you will know who your photographer is, and you will be able to have expectations set, and know you will be taken care of. 
2. There is no language barrier. Sometimes you go to such a beautiful location, and the photographer that shows up does not speak english. This causes a problem because now it's difficult for them to direct you for portraits, and it makes your feel uncomfortable, causing the images to look forced.
3. Having hired a photographer who you have spoken to many times, you can have an idea of when to expect the images and the quality of images you will receive. You've seen their portfolio, and chances are you've even had your engagement session done by them.
4. Your photographer will be with you for 3 days, not just 1, 2 or 3 hours. That's right, you will have peace of mind knowing that your welcome dinner, wedding, and day after session will be covered and you don't have to lift a finger. 

here is why!

why hire a
destination photographer?

*NJ Sales Tax will be added to all sessions, collections and product orders. 
We offer a Military & Service Discount to anyone who has served or is currently serving. Please let us know this before booking to get your code!

destination wedding photographer faq:

How many photographers will be at my wedding?
   There will be 2 photographers at your wedding, just like at a non destination wedding! We always travel in 2's and wouldn't have it any other way. This helps us get all of the amazing moments all at once.

How do we arrange your travel?
   We will book our own airfare, hotel and transportation, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Do you offer discounted packages for destination weddings?
   Yes! Since we love to travel, we only require our base collection. This helps you out because you will need to pay for our travel expenses, and allows us to explore the world and take beautiful images of happy people!

Will you travel for engagement sessions as well?
   Absolutely! We would love to travel to an amazing designation to meet you and photograph this special moment. Please email us to set it up!

Do you edit all of our photos?
   I do! I edit every single one of your photos. I do not outsource my images because I want to be in control of every aspect of my craft. What I deliver to you is a reflection on me, and my work. I would not give you an image I wouldn't hang on my own wall!

When will we see our photographs?
   You will be able to see your final, fully edited wedding images within 8-12 weeks. 

Why don't we just hire the venue's wedding photographer?
   You can, but often times it is more expensive and very risky to hire a foreign wedding photographer that works for the venue because you are not in direct contact with them and you may not know when you are getting your images, if the quality is up to your standards or it may take a long time corresponding through email just to get the answers you want. Hiring your own photographer, you can contact us directly and we have the answers for you immediately.

How do we hire you?
    Click the contact link up top and send me an email. We can hop on a quick phone call to chat and I will take your information for the contract. Once you receive the contract via email, you will need to pay for the retainer which is 30% of the total. The rest is not due until 30 days prior to your wedding.

  Base wedding collection - $3900
  Baggage Fee's
 Hotel accommodations (the length of the event + one day. We require the additional day to fly in the day prior to your event because layovers 
and delays do happen. This secures that we are where we need to be!)
 Rental car for the duration of our stay
 Vendor meal the day of the event

destination wedding photographer prices & fees:

Destination weddings are our base collection plus travel fee's. Those fee's are as follows: